The Simple Ways To Exercise At Home
The Simple Ways To Exercise At Home

Exercising at home is a great way to save your money and time. Whether you have a home gym with plenty of cool equipment or just a pair of running shoes and desire to get in better shape, it’s easy to start a workout right now!

The Simple Ways To Exercise At Home

Home Workout To Build A Strong Body

Even if you just get up off the couch and start to move or dance, it is better than nothing. But if you want to keep your body in good shape constantly and burn fat, you’ll need to create a home workout plan which fits your lifestyle, job, and goal.

Home Workout To Build A Strong Body

Choosing A Home Exercise Program

First of all, choose exercises for your workout program. Take into account your general physiological parameters, such as heart rate and blood pressure during physical activity. High blood pressure or fast heart rate is a reason to stay away from or restrict high-intensity workouts.

There are a few main types of workout programs: cardio, strength training, and a mix of the two.

The best cardio exercises are jumping jacks, crunches, burpees, and running.

Choosing A Home Exercise Program
Keep in mind that after every high-intensity exercise you should march or walk in place.

When we talk about strength exercises, you could do a few sets of burpees, squats, lunges, and/or push-ups.


The easiest way to achieve excellent workout results is to choose your optimal level of physical activity before you start, and gradually increase the intensity.


The Best Bodyweight Exercises

A Plank

What is a plank?

  • A plank is a core exercise that anyone can do. There are many types of a plank, such as a standard, side, rocking, forearm, reverse, and knee plank with shoulder touches. You could even combine them!
  • By doing a plank, you build strong muscles and bones. Also, you develop muscle endurance of the spine from top to bottom, shoulders, and legs.

How do you do a plank?

  • To plank, get into a push-up position with your arms straight out and abs tight. It’s important to hold a plank correctly (not to let your belly sag or your back round out).
  • If you are a beginner, one minute is enough. Do it every day to make progress. Over time you will hold a plank longer and up the intensity.


A Push-Up

What is a push-up?

  • A push-up is an exercise which creates stability through your spine, and strength in the abdominal and back muscles.
  • You increase the endurance of your whole body doing a push-up.

How do you do a push-up?

  • Assume a face-down prone position on a gym mat or just on the floor. Keep your feet together behind you and place hands palms-down.
  • Inhale while you lower the body towards the floor. Keep your body steady and your head aligned with your spine. Also, you can change intensity of a push-up by changing your hand position.
  • Exhale and push yourself as high as you can.
  • In general cases, do 3 sets of 10 reps.
  • If you are a beginner, just 1 set of 10 reps is enough to start with.


You can do push-ups without any equipment, or use push-up bars.

push-up with bars

A Crunch

What is a crunch?

  • Doing crunches helps you lose weight and get a flat stomach. You’ll feel tension in your abs, which is the key for core strength and stability.

How do you do a crunch?

  • Lie on your back and keep your feet flat on the floor. Keep an eye on your body position: do not sag in the lumbar spine. Bend your knees, put your hands behind/over your head, across your chest, or parallel to the floor. Pull your navel to the spine in preparation for a crunch.
  • Exhale while you come up, flex your chin slightly towards your chest (leave some space between your chin and your chest) and curl your torso slowly towards your thighs.
  • Hold at the top of the exercise for 3-5 seconds.
  • Inhale while slowly lower back down for 3-5 seconds.
  • Do 10-20 reps.


A Jump Squat

What is a jump squat?

  • Jump squats are high-intensity exercises to lift your butt using only your body weight.

How do you do a jump squat?

  • Get into a normal standing position with your feet wide enough apart to brace your body.
  • Inhale as you start by doing just a squat.
  • Then exhale and jump up forcefully, pushing up from your toes.
  • Land quietly! Lower your body back into the squat position to continue.

jump squat

A Burpee

What is a burpee?

  • A burpee is a full-body explosive motion which develops coordination, and helps you burn calories and lose weight.
  • This cardio training strengthens every muscle in your body, such as your chest, abs, shoulders, quads, and inner thighs.

How do you do a burpee?

  • Set your feet shoulder-width apart with your weight in your heels.
  • Do a squat and shift your weight into your hands, palm-down in front of you.
  • Jump from your back to a strict plank position, feet behind you.
  • Jump again, with feet coming forward.
  • Stand up.
  • Reach your arms over your head and jump up!
  • Do 10-15 reps.


Home Workout For Women

Burn Fat With A Fitness Workout!

When you consider an effective home workout, follow your main goal. If you want to increase overall endurance, and burn fat in a high-intensity training regime with a strict diet, a fitness workout program is exactly what you need.

To have an effective high-intensity strength workout, it’s better to use additional equipment. Use a fitness ball, dumbbells, pull-up bar, and jump rope to do core exercises on the exercise mat or on the bare floor.

Home Workout For Women

Low-Impact Workouts To Tone Your Body

But if you want to keep your overall health in top shape without losing weight too much, and improve flexibility, it’s better to choose callanetics, pilates, yoga, or yogalates.

In this case you’ll need just a yoga mat and your own body without additional equipment. It’s all about the power of slow and controlled movements.

Standard exercises which improve flexibility and lead to perfect balance for all low-impact workouts include the downward-facing dog, cobra, glute bridge, side lying hip abduction, and, of course, various types of plank.

side lying hip abduction


Whether you are a fan of intense fitness exercises or slow conscious movements, running is a sport for everybody.

It strengthens blood vessels, improves heart health, develops muscular endurance, and makes your Z’s better at night. Also, running clears your mind, just like yoga.

You could install a treadmill in your home gym or just in the corner of the room.

running on a treadmill

Home Workout For Men

Strengthening your core muscles helps burn fat and keep your body in good shape. For instance, you could choose barrel chest bedroom workouts to build a massive chest with a strict lining shape.

  • Push-ups (10 reps).


  • Pull-ups (in doorframe, as many reps you think you can do).


  • A plank (for a sixty seconds).

a plank

  • A renegade row (10 reps).

A renegade row

  • Repeat 3-5 sets of the barrel chest exercises with a short rest.

You could combine this workout program with other types of exercises. What about a Swiss ball crunch to increase muscle growth potential?

Swiss ball crunch

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